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Sylvinite is a rock which occurs naturally in Britain and provides a high quality potassium and sodium product for both straight or blended application. It is mined in the North York Moors National Park and crushed and sieved so that it can be easily handled and spread. Since October 1994 it has been included in the EC list of AUTHORISED FERTILISERS FOR ORGANIC PRODUCTION for use where a need is recognised.

Potassium is an essential nutrient for plants and animals, and reserves in the soil must be maintained if crops and stock are not to go short. Produce which is sold off the farm will contain significant levels of potash, for example grain and potatoes both contain about 6 kg of potash (K20) per tonne of fresh weight and beans perhaps twice that amount. A shortage of potassium in the soil will reduce the effectiveness of other nutrients and natural soil processes, and will increase the risk of losses of nitrogen. Sodium is essential to animals and to some plants. Fodder beet, mangels, sugar beet, spinach, carrots and celery all respond well to a dressing of sodium, many being originally maritime plants. There is also evidence that additional sodium applied to the soil will improve the taste of vegetables. Certainly sodium applied to grassland increases the palatability of grass to grazing ruminants, and it also helps to ensure that the animals are not deficient in sodium by naturally raising the sodium content of the grass.

Sylvinite also contains important trace elements such as: Boron, Calcium, Magnesium and Iron. In fact Sylvinite meets all the requirements of today's farmer for a product that is agronomically balanced to increase yield, and at the same time giving manufacturers a high margin product.

Product description courtesy of Cleveland Potash Ltd.